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Currently, around 1580 students are enrolled at the School of Criminal Justice, CUPL, who are doing a degree program in law (in Chinese), among which around 1400 are undergraduate students, 140 are postgraduate student and 39 are PhD students. We offered more than 70 courses for undergraduates and more than 40 courses for research students.

For postgraduates who want to pursue a research master degree or a doctorate degree, both of which are conducted in Chinese, we have programs in criminal law, criminal procedural law and cyber law. The subject of criminal law includes Chinese criminal law, foreign criminal law, criminology, criminal psychology, criminal policy, criminal execution law, and penology. Criminal procedural law covers criminal investigation, judicial expertise and forensic science. The subject of cyber law is mainly focused on cyber crime, cyber crime investigation, electronic commerce law, electronic evidence law, information security law, Internet finance law, Internet IP law and network communication law, etc. The master program is a three-year track, and applicants can finish it in 2 to 4 years. The doctorate degree is also a three-year track while the candidates can finish it within 6 years.

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